Resources and “tips” for using NAVIA that can help companies guarantee the requirements of Health and Water Regulation entities in the current scenario of pandemic and deconfinement.

Awareness and Disclosure

Periodic sending of awareness raising “spot” to operational teams through the “placard” and NAVIA notifications.

Dissemination of specific procedures through the document management of NAVIA.

Vehicle disinfection and operation

Implement and control the execution of periodic vehicle cleaning tasks.

Avoid changing of vehicle by allocating work orders to vehicles.

Communication between field and back office teams

Work between shifts managed through NAVIA.

Give preference to NAVIA’s non-face-to-face communication channels: Placard, Mail Notifications.

Tool Sanitization

Control the sharing of tools through NAVIA.

Schedule periodic tool cleaning tasks.

Ensure the reliability of critical processes

Ensure the execution of preventive maintenance.

Implement inspection tasks for the most sensitive components.

PPE management

Ensure correct use of PPE through its control at the beginning of each task.

Ensure periodic cleaning of PPE, through mandatory periodic tasks.

Treatment of Covid-19-related events

Through the events’ management in NAVIA, allow the whole team to report COVID-19-related events and track their progress.

Communication with citizens

Establish a channel for reporting occurrences with the NAVIA App for communication with citizens.

Ensure security of sampling processes

Disseminate and ensure knowledge of specific safety procedures through NAVIA.

To guarantee, through NAVIA, the execution of periodic cleaning and disinfection tasks for containers, places and equipment.

Ensure and evidence the disinfection of drinking water

Create additional tasks for checking and monitoring chlorination stations.

Mitigation of contagion risks between teams

Avoid contact between operators through the management of shifts in NAVIA.

End of paper records by introducing digitalization based in NAVIA.

Replace face-to-face meetings with NAVIA’s means of communication and access to information.

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Support teleworking in an operational environment

With NAVIA, management has access to both operational and infrastructures’ information, from anywhere, in real time.

Automatic notifications for alarms, occurrences and events.

All the operation, maintenance and quality control activities are completely managed in NAVIA.

Reinforcement of the cleaning of facilities and work stations

Planning and control of periodic hygiene tasks, including outsourcing, through NAVIA.

Schedule periodic individual hygiene tasks for the workplace.

Ensure availability of consumables

Through NAVIA’s integrated material and reagent management, ensure their availability.

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